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Duck, Waterfowl Houses and Runs

A huge range of duck houses for sale including floating duck houses, waterfowl nesting boxes, floating duck platforms, duck boxes and platforms and duck houses with runs suitable for various breeds of domestic such as Campbell, Aylesbury, Call ducks, Pekin, Muscovy, Mandarin and also wild ducks and waterfowl such as Mallards, Moorhens etc. All our duck houses are made in the UK and are very good quality. manufactured from quality treated timber.

Whether you are looking to keep one or two ducks in your back garden on a pond or in a duck house and run on the lawn or have a large lake with a flock of wild ducks, we are able to offer advice on keeping ducks and will help you choose the right duck house for your situation. If you are considering adding a floating duck house to your pond or lake, please feel free to call us for advice on how to anchor your waterfowl nesting box or advice on tethering it to the bank of the pond.   

BESPOKE SERVICE – Tailor-made to measure to your requirements, specific size, shape or configuration.  Our aviary panels are also available to make up your own duck run, so if you have any specific requirements or are looking for a bespoke design we can help.  

We are able to offer free advice on poultry and duck keeping and will be able to guide you to a suitable duck house for your waterfowl and if you need help in choosing the right duck nest box or floating pontoon, please call us for a chat.