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Aviaries, Birdhouses & Tables, Dovecotes, Pet Hutches & Wildlife Houses

You’ll find everything your pets and wild and caged birds need right here including our top of the range All Weather Aviaries and our best-selling Aviary with Flight area and housing with an apex roof as well as our elegantly designed Dovecotes for pigeons and fancy fan-tailed doves and our well designed hutches for your guinea pigs or rabbits. Browse through and choose which is right for you. Don’t miss the sturdy timber dog kennels or the wildlife homes for a variety of our native species. 

Our range of aviaries, hutches, dovecotes and birdhouses are suitable for a variety of different birds and poultry. They are manufactured to very high standards from treated timber and galvanised wire mesh.

BESPOKE SERVICE – Tailor-made to your requirements. If you are looking for a specific size, shape or configuration.  Our aviary panels are also available to make up your own chicken run, duck run or aviary to your own dimensions and specifications, so if you have any specific requirements or are looking for a bespoke design, please contact us.

We’re always happy to hear from you to discuss your purchase.