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Capel Dovecote, Three Tiered Octagonal Birdhouse Traditional English Pole Mounted Birdhouse for Doves or Pigeons

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A eight sided, three tiered dovecote suitable for 9 pairs of doves.

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Delivery is Free to UK Mainland but Scottish Highlands and islands may incur a surcharge, please ask before ordering. This item is made to order so please allow for the quoted leadtime.


A eight sided, three tiered dovecote suitable for 9 pairs of doves.

This is a octagonal eight sided, 3 tiered dovecote and is suitable for up to 9 pairs of doves.

Each of the eight pop-holes has a landing perch on the front of the nesting compartment and is very easy to clean out when required.

Approximate dimensions:- Height: 130cm Width: 75cm Including roof overhang

This birdhouse is hand-crafted and finished in high quality exterior paint to ensure longevity of this beautiful dovecote.

Available in a choice of colours and with either a slate tiled or painted timber roof.

If you would like a bespoke paint colour, please contact us.

To mount this dovecote, we recommend using a 3m high, 4" x 4" post and approximately 2'6" of the post must be concreted into the ground.

Suitable for a variety of different doves and pigeons including fantails, wood pigeons, turtle doves, collared doves, stock doves, rock doves etc. Pigeons and doves make up the bird family "Columbidae", which includes around 310 species, there is no strict division between doves and pigeons. They have round, stout-bodies birds and short necks with small rounded heads, short slender bills, tapered wings and short, scaly legs and they make cooing calls. Their main diet is seeds, fruits, and plants. If you would like help or advice on keeping doves, please feel free to call us.