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Aylesbury Square Floating Duck House, Waterfowl Nesting Box for Pond or Lake

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Aylesbury Square Floating Duck House, Waterfowl Nesting Box for Pond or Lake

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10 Metres Rope

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Anchor Fixing

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Tethering Kit - Contains 2 Stakes with eyes to tether floating duck houses

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Set of 4 Landing Platforms for Square Floating Platforms

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Duck and Swan Food-5kg

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Duck and Swan Food-1.5kg

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Superb quality and very attractive, hand made floating waterfowl or duck house, delivered fully assembled. Manufactured from quality 12mm treated Redwood Shiplap and strongly constructed framework from treated square smooth edge.


Designed especially for Aylesbury or other large ducks, this duck house has two compartments and slightly larger pop-holes than the picture shown.

Delivered fully assembled. Features: Two separate sleeping/nesting quarters, dressed lead idge cap, fully screwed together floating base. Specification House: 34" x 34" x 40" Approx not inc roof overhang, Height 46" inc floating base, Width 34" x 34", Specification Float 4ft x 4ft approx. Treated timber, no further treatment required. We are able to supply the house painted if you require. Tethering kit is also available which includes two stakes and fixings. Central fixing for anchor is available. Landing platforms are also available includes four platforms per float. Delivery is to UK Mainland, please contact us for delivery to other areas.

Duck house entrance opening is approx. 20cm wide x approx. 35cm high – suitable for Aylesbury, Pekin and other large breeds of ducks.